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About eUgoda

eUgoda allows to easily create, approve, and sign the legally valid contract using a template or any file – anywhere at any time, without the PC, printer, paper, mail, lawyer, and accountant. All you need is the mobile application or web-plugin which can be easily integrated into any of the existing electronic document interchange systems. The contract can be signed in a couple of minutes using the digital signature. It is also stored in the blockchain.


  • Entrepreneurs, business who operate officially and transparently, expecting the same from their partners.
  • Individuals who want to digitalize their document interchange with the state authorities or the other individuals and enterprises.
  • Enterprises who want to integrate the digital signature possibilities to their systems of the electronic document interchange.


  • Complexity of the existing electronic document interchange solutions.
  • The need to manage the processes remotely.
  • Process automation.
  • Overwhelming usage of smartphones.
  • COVID-19, ecological trend.
  • Limited availability of the easily integrated digital signature SaaS solutions.


  • Mobile application for the business.
  • Digital signature in the smartphone.
  • Full history of the documents’ changes.
  • Proof of authenticity.
  • Digital signature API and web-plugin.

How Does It Work?

Fill in your data

Provide the necessary details about yourself and your companies. These data will be used to automatically fill the documents that you are signing.

Add your business partners

You can exchange the documents only with your business partners. Your personal data are not accessible outside of your business partner network.

Create a document

eUgoda provides you with several options of documents' creation. Choose your own file, take a photo of a paper document, or use the embedded template.


Sign and send the document to your counterpart. After the document is approved by him or her, you will get the signed legal electronic document.

App Screenshots


Digital signature in your smartphone

Easy usage (signature in 4 steps)

Full history of the documents’ changes

Signing of the documents within your business partner network

Blockchain tracking of the documents

Integration with the existing IT solutions of the customer

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Create and sign the contracts with your partners. Integrate the digital signatures solution into your electronic documents interchange system.